Help save all of New York State’s Mute Swans

Council for all wildlife


Please send an email to save all of New York State’s Mute Swans.

Please email:

before this Friday, April 24, to oppose New York State DEC’s Mute Swan Management Plan.

Friday is the last day to submit comments.

The Management Plan would kill all swans in upstate New York.

Swans around New York City and Long Island would be deprived of their freedom, enclosed in captivity, and pinioned – a cruel and painful procedure that deprives them of flight. They would no longer be allowed to have cygnets.

Swans are beautiful, majestic, innocent wild birds who should be protected from harm, not killed, or captured and injured.

Please send a short email. Even if you say only that you oppose the Mute Swan Management Plan, that will be helpful.

Many thanks!

To sign a petition and for further details and information, click here.

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