Bull Point Pt., Pt. Reyes Flowers, Birds and Photos 4/16/15

Natural History Wanderings

Updated with many spelling corrections on the plant list

Yesterday we went on a Marin CNPS walk at Bull Point, Point Reyes National Seashore led by Doreen Smith. The weather was sunny, temperature 65 F and breezy. In true botanizing style we covered about one and half miles cross-country in about two and quarter hours.The habitat was mainly grasslands with some marshy areas. It is also an area where cows graze and they were present today.

The focus of trip was seeing plants including a number of rare ones. Not much bird activity. Many plants found and identified due to knowledge of leader. Not any significant wildflower displays; trip was truly for the plant lover. I didn’t take time to really do serious photography but here are some quick photos from the day.

 Click read more to see detailed plant and bird list

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