Lions in the Serengeti

Jet Eliot

Serengeti at Sunrise Serengeti at Sunrise

The Serengeti ecosystem of Africa is one of the best places on earth for observing wild lion populations.  It spans approximately 12,000 square miles in Tanzania and Kenya. For more info about the Serengeti, click here.

Serengeti Serengeti

As one of my favorite places in the world, I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit here several times.  (The truth is, I love it so much that I shaped many years of my life around earning and saving so that I could keep returning.)   All the lion photos presented here were taken in Tanzania.

The cubs resting atop a rock were enjoying the elevated safety offered by a kopje.  A kopje (pronounced “copy”) is a granite outcropping in the middle of the grasslands, where many of the mammals like to rest.  You can read an earlier post I wrote about kopjes by clicking here.

Serengeti Sunrise Serengeti Sunrise

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