How wolves are beneficial

Council for all wildlife


On Utah’s National Public Radio affiliate, KCPW, on Tuesday, October 21, host Roger Mc Donough interviewed Kirk Robinson, Executive Director of Western Wildlife Conservancy on the topic of wolves – and specifically on the question of what is the future of wolves in Utah.

A few weeks ago, a wolf was spotted in Utah, in the Uinta Mountains.

Asked if he found this surprising, Kirk Robinson replied that no, he did not; there would likely be one to a few wolves in Utah from time to time.

He went on to make a number of other very intriguing points about wolves:

In about one tenth of the state of Utah, wolves are no longer federally protected, this is the part of the state north of I-80 and I-84 – through a rather complicated maneuver, they are now delisted in this area. However, in all the rest of Utah they are…

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