The birth of a vision — The Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument

A plan to create the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument would be a big step towards connecting wildlife corridors…

Council for all wildlife

Northern Goshawk Northern Goshawk.

Once there were grizzlies in the Grand Canyon; these disappeared in the 1880’s. Grand Canyon wolves were gone by 1920. The last jaguar there was caught by a fur trapper in 1932.

Wild species that once roamed freely in the Grand Canyon have continued to vanish from these lands, both before and even after the Grand Canyon was established as a National Park in 1919.

Kim Crumbo, Conservation Director of the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, has been watching the lands around the Grand Canyon for decades, and he knows them as well as anyone does. After serving two deployments in Vietnam as a Navy Seal he came home, and from 1980 through 1999, he worked as a Grand Canyon Park Ranger. He has been a river guide, worked on inventorying native species, been part of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Team, and been active on a multitude of task…

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