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During the next few weeks, I’ll be posting excerpts from my forthcoming book,
Secret Voices from the Forest:
Thoughts and Dreams of North American Trees,
Volume Two: The Midcontinent.


It’s official release date is September 23rd and, although it will be delivered from the printer around the 4th, I will be leaving to “meet” the trees for Volume Three: The East almost immediately, and won’t return until the end of September.

However, I will be taking a few cartons of books with me in the car, as well as mailing envelopes, so if you wish to receive your copy before the beginning of October, you can order through my website

where you can pay via Paypal with your credit card. They will send me an email that notifies me of your payment, and I will find a nearby Post Office and send your copy right away.
If you send…

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