Utah Crow Hunt – Opponents speak out, part one

Council for all wildlife

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On Tuesday, July 29, the Utah Wildlife Board voted a second time to approve the Utah crow hunt. They also approved, as they had before, adding American Crow to the species that can be killed by farmers, without a permit, for crop depredation.

The Public Hearing, held in the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources building in Salt Lake City, had been called in response to requests from the public to re-consider the Wildlife Board’s vote on June 5 to allow a crow hunt, and to take into account comments submitted during the July public comment period.

The Wildlife Board’s vote was three to two, as it had been during the July 5 meeting.

This was a disappointment to those who had worked hard to oppose the crow hunt, and it will mean that crows and other similar birds like ravens will be needlessly injured and killed during the hunts, which…

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