Comment letters opposing the Utah crow hunt, part two

Council for all wildlife


To read part one first, click here.

For information about the July 29 Public Hearing and how to send a comment, please see below at the end.

Here is another of the many comment letters that have been sent to oppose the Utah crow hunt. It was written by a Utah resident and was signed, but the name has been withheld here, by request.

Dear Mr. Sheehan,

I was disappointed when I learned that the Utah Wildlife Board approved the Crow Hunt. The fact that the vote was 3 members in favor of and 2 members opposed to the hunt, and the time allotted for further comment suggests that there may be the possibility of changing the decision.

I have read many convincing arguments in opposition to the hunt, and none that would explain why it is an acceptable proposal. No doubt you have done the same – with perhaps a different perspective. I…

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