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White House Plans To Mark Off World’s Largest Ocean Sanctuary – On June 17th, President Obama announced plans to create the world’s largest marine preserve, following the lead of his immediate predecessors to try to save a massive stretch of the Pacific Ocean from drilling, fishing and other environmental dangers, by dramatically expanding the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.


Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, an Australian charity, promotes sustainable use of resources. One of their programs is Cartridges 4 – recycling used printer ink cartridges. They are sorted and returned for remanufacture or (more exciting) for use in a new road-asphalt product called TonerPave ™.


Baltimore’s Water Wheel Keeps On Turning, Pulling In Tons Of Trash – City resident John Kellett developed a big water wheel to collect the plastic cups, cigarette butts and Cheetos bags that flow into the Baltimore Inner Harbor waterway after rainstorms. Kellett…

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