EGYPT: Animal welfare leaders call on government for change



Thanks to Ahmed El Sherbiny for his report on the May 15, 2014 workshop held to propose changes to Egypt’s animal welfare law.


On Thursday, May 15, 2014, EFAW, the Egyptian Federation for Animal Welfare, in association with GOVS, the Egyptian Organization of Veterinary Services, held a workshop on proposed animal welfare legislation, based on Article 45 of the new Egyptian Constitution.


The workshop, held at the Environment Culture Centre at the Giza Zoo was attended by many with an interest in Egyptian animals, including Dr. Nadia Zakhari, the ex-Minister of Academic Research, and representatives from GOVS, the Water and Environment Police, the Giza Zoo, The Egyptian Bar Association, and EFAW, as well as judges, law professors, other university professors, and individual animal advocates.


A lively discussion took place related to the existing legislation, and ministerial decrees related to animals.


Agreement was reached to call on the Prime Minister to


One) Immediately stop the use of the poison strychnine as a form of animal control and to implement TNR programs instead.


Two) To organize a dialogue among animal groups and animal advocates with regard to proposed veterinary legislation.


Three) Establish a specific District Attorney Department to handle any cruelty cases related to animal welfare.


Four) Enact specified animal welfare legislation, based on article 45 of the Egyptian Constitution.


Five) Amend article 357 of the Penal Law in include jail time only, and delete the option of a fine.


Six) Apply the existing agriculture law No 53/1966 to include pet shops.


The workshop participants expressed their thanks to the Water and Environment Police and the Giza Zoo for their prompt response in wildlife cruelty issues.


A committee was formed to follow up the resolutions with government officials, consisting of

Judge Hany A Halim, Cairo Criminal Court

Professor Samir Shehata, Faculty of Law Ain Shams University

Mr. Tharwat Atallah, board member of the Egyptian Bar Association

Mr. Ahmed El Sherbiny ESAF and EFAW chairperson.


Photo: Courtesy of EFAW



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