Tamil Nadu: Jallikattu before the Supreme Court of India, Part Two

Echoes in the Mist

white bull IMG_3725 2 These and other bulls shown are not jallikattu bulls, but were rescued from illegal transport by Blue Cross of India.


By Sharon St Joan

Continued from Part One.


To read Part One first, click here.



“Tamil Nadu will burn.”

Following Jairam Ramesh’s ruling, when the High Court of Tamil Nadu was just at the point of banning jallikattu, the lawyers representing the sport’s promoters issued a dire warning that the jallikattu events for that year were already well beyond the planning stage, and that if they were canceled, then “Tamil Nadu will burn.” This threat of violent civil unrest gave the judges pause for thought, and they declined to ban jallikattu, much to the dismay of animal advocates.

Earlier, on November 27, 2010, the Supreme Court of India had refused to ban jallikattu, despite an appeal by the AWBI. The Court stated that there were already…

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