Mexcian ancient forest saved

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This video is called Wildlife of the American Southwest and Mexico.

From Wildlife Extra:

Ancient forest saved in Mexico

Around 435 acres of old growth forest (a forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance) in Sierra Gorda, Mexico, has been purchased by the World Land Trust with help from their conservation partner in Mexico Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda.

The purchase was coordinated by Roberto Pedraza, GRSG’s Technical Director, who had first heard in 2013 that the property might be coming on to the market.

“The risk of degradation was real as cattle ranching is still a widespread activity, supported by different government agencies and a cultural thing to do,” explained Roberto. “Cattle ranching involves clearing forest, and forest fires, so every acre protected from the pressure of humans and livestock counts.”

The property will extend Las Arenitas, a reserve created with funds from WLT…

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