Weekly Photo Challenge: On top

The ancient eavesdropper

Treetops have always fascinated me.  What an incredible view these beautiful giants have of the entire landscape.  Imagine if you were a bird perched on the topmost branch of an ancient Sequoia or a squirrel holed up in the recesses of a gnarled oak, going about your daily routine aloft in the canopy.  Might you be so awe-struck by the sublime sunset that you drop your worm or acorn?  Or perhaps you’re a newborn baby bird who has yet to take flight and peer out over its nest on high, certainly in for a huge surprise.  As a child, you may have formed a close relationship with your climbing tree or tree house, retreating to its welcoming boughs when the world was getting you down.   Even the view from below is inspirational, offering us a fresh perspective on life and grounding our sense of place, our sense of belonging…

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