Heron island in England bought by conservationists

A beautiful island saved for the birds and animals that live there…

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This video is called Little Egret and Red Deer in the marshes, UK.

From Wildlife Extra:

Heron island bought by RSPB

April 2014: An island in the River Ouse has been bought by the RSPB for £47,500 reports BBC News. Hook Island, near Goole, East Yorkshire, is a 19-acre (8-hectare) Site of Special Scientific Interest that is home to a wealth of wetland birds including herons.

In spring, grey herons raise their chicks on the 19 acre site, while in the winter months hundreds of golden plovers and lapwings roost there after spending the day feeding on the mudflats of the Humber Estuary. Little egrets – a rare type of heron – are sometimes seen on the island and the RSPB hopes they may eventually form a breeding colony.

Pete Short, RSPB’s Humber Sites Manager, said: “The Humber Estuary is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and…

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