The Wild Holler Cacti are in Bloom~


All The Holler cacti are wild and untended, with the exception of the Protea. Some unknown someone planted the Protea a long time ago and it now grows free and unfettered all over Hollerdom. I love this mystery person who planted the plants that still thrive at The Holler so long ago. I wonder who he or she was, and what they would think about how well their plants have grown and thrived? There are no homesteads here or abandoned houses explaining who it was. We are surrounded by lemon, grapefruit, pomegranate and avocado orchards, and I suspect the person was someone who lived her fifty or so years ago and tended the orchards. This person planted Coral Trees, Proteas, Almond Trees, Camellias, Pride of Madeiras, Hibiscus, Orange Trees, Passion Fruit, some flowers I can’t identify, and much more. All have reproduced and prospered. Flowers can be picked year round…

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