Egypt: Care for animals at the Pyramids


ESAF (Egyptian Society of Animal Friends) held a Pyramids Clinic on Wednesday, January 8 and Saturday January 11, 2014, to provide food and vet care to the Pyramids animals. The horses, donkeys, and camels are used to give rides to tourists, but during times when tourists are few, their owners suffer economic hardship, and the animals need extra help.




ESAF provided fresh greens to the animals, as well as soft nosebands (to replace wire ones), and gave out educational brochures to the owners to improve the care of the animals. The vets treated any injuries and cared for the horses’ hooves and teeth. Around 90 animals were fed and cared for.


Ahmed El Sherbiny thanks Sue Evans for her sponsorship of the Pyramids Clinics.


To visit ESAF’s Facebook page, click here.


Photos: Courtesy of ESAF



  1. Wire nosebands! That sounds horrific. But, it is good to see such kindness being shown to these beautiful animals. Good for the ESAF 🙂

  2. horseyjo1985 said:

    Reblogged this on The Plight of the Pyramid Ponies and commented:
    The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends sometimes run clinics in Nazlet close to us. This is a blog of one visit to the pyramid horses >>>

    • Thanks so much for the reblog. And for the work you do helping the horses!

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