Egypt: ESAF’s Pyramids Project has helped 6,000 animals

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The program for horses and camels who work at the Pyramids, giving rides to tourists, has provided feeding and vet care to over 6,000 animals since this past July.

This is one of a series of such programs carried out by ESAF and other Egyptian animal groups, over a number of years, for the working animals at the Pyramids. This most recent special project has come to a successful close. Their ongoing, regular work with the Pyramids animals will continue.

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The periodic unrest in Egypt has caused great hardship for the animals because, when there are few tourists, there is no income for the animal owners, who then have difficulty providing food and vet care to their animals. ESAF’s programs are a great help to them, and they will be continuing twice-weekly clinics in the Pyramids area, as well as their usual work in the area around ESAF’s shelter.

Ahmed El Sherbiny, ESAF Chairperson, writes that there was a slight increase in the number of tourists during the month of November, and a consequent decrease in the numbers of animals needing special feeding. He wrote, “We have also noticed a slight improvement in the animals overall condition.”

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Any improvement at all is really wonderful news, and, for the sake of the animals, it is to be hoped that there will be peace and stability in Egypt, so that more tourists will return. While working animals do not ever lead ideal lives, good food and vet care can make a huge difference to their well-being.  ESAF also conducts ongoing educational programs with the owners to encourage kind treatment of the animals, with good, practical solutions, like replacing wire bridles with soft nose pads.

Ahmed El Sherbiny expressed his heartfelt thanks to the people and organizations that made possible this latest Pyramids Project: Animal Aid Abroad, Wereld Asielen, Sue Evans and her UK group, Richard Gabriel, and Humane Society International (HSI).


The total number of animals treated and fed during the month of November was 1,002 horses and 379 camels.

During the course of the project, which ran from July 10 through the end of November, the total number of animals fed and treated was 5,471 horses and 663 camels.

Thanks to ESAF and their generous sponsors for doing so much to make the lives of the Pyramids animals easier and more comfortable.

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Photos: Courtesy of ESAF

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