Aftermath of Cyclone Phailin: Groups struggle to feed and care for evacuated animals

Echoes in the Mist

DSC00030 cows

Many groups have been very hard at work, in the midst of ongoing floods, rescuing, feeding and providing vet care to animals following cyclone Phailin.  Among them is The Maitri Club.

Due to the cyclone and power cuts, Kailash Ch Maharana, Chairman of the Maitri Club, writes that it has been impossible for him, until now, to receive or send emails.

They are located in the District of Ganjam, 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from Gopalpur, where cyclone Phailin stuck the sea coast of Orissa, India.

He writes, “Here the situation is horrible.”

On October 12, just before the storm struck, they safely evacuated all the cattle from 13 villages. The cattle are still feeling unsettled and greatly stressed.

Immediately after the cyclone, they were unable to move for two days due to fallen trees.  After the 14th,  they rounded up ten volunteers and set about helping the…

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