Costa Rica: Spay and neuter at Mutt Ranch (Territorio de Zaguates)



Crossposted from the newsletter of SNIP (Spay neuter international project)

As previously announced, we were determined to find a way to support Territorio de Zaguates since they do an amazing job of rescuing, rehabbing and adopting dogs from the streets into loving families.

At SNIP we wish to contribute by offering free spay and neuter procedures for those dogs who are deemed ready for adoption. Territorio de Zaguate does such a fantastic job of giving these pets a second chance that we are honored to be a part of the process.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of PawFect Pet Services of Omaha, NE, we were able to raise the $500 needed to get the program up and running and spay/neuter the first group of happy Zaguatistas!

This is a program that we wish to keep going, offering regularly scheduled spay/neuter clinics at the Ranch in order to boost the adoption rate: every adoption opens a slot for a new stray! By contributing to the surgery cost you are helping place a dog in a home, while enabling these amazing volunteers to pull a stray from the street at the same time. Our very own 2 for 1 Doggie Special!

Become a Zaguatista yourself!

If you wish to sponsor Mutt Ranch on a regular (monthly) basis, please do let us know…

Photo: Courtesy of SNIP


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