Appeal to Egyptian government to protect animals in Giza Zoo

These are wild zebras in Tanzania, not zebras in the Giza Zoo.

These are wild zebras in Tanzania, not zebras in the Giza Zoo.


Note: The email address given below does not work, though it was given on an official site. If you can provide an email address for the Prime Minister’s office, or any relevant minister, that would be helpful.

Below is an email sent to the office of the Prime Minister of Egypt This has no political intent whatsoever, and is purely humanitarian in nature. You might like to send an email too. It has been reported in the Egyptian news that the use of tear gas and other more forceful measures, in the area of the Giza Zoo, could be imminent and may happen at any moment. For more information, go to

Dear Sir,

If tear gas and other violent measures are used near the Giza Zoo, they will result in suffering and death to the animals there.

Two years ago the use of tear gas near the Giza Zoo resulted in the deaths of zebras and some other animals.  More recently, when helicopters and F-16’s were flown in the airspace over the zoo, this caused the panic of all the Giza Zoo animals and the death of one of the chimps and extreme suffering to the giraffes and other animals.

Please take every possible measure to ensure that no tear gas or any other violent crowd control measures are used anywhere in the vicinity of the Giza Zoo.

Human beings are responsible for their whereabouts and can move to other locations, but the animals of the Giza Zoo cannot escape. Causing death and suffering to them is inhumane.  The Egyptian Government is under an obligation to protect the well being of the animals.

Thank you.

Photo: Sajjad Fazel / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported / two Zebras in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. 

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