Zimbabwe: M.J.’s turn for the better



M.J. has already gained a lot of weight.


Veterinarians for Animal Welfare – Zimbabwe (VAWZ) recently received a request for help from Gweru SPCA concerning a plot there where it was believed there were over 16 dogs in terrible circumstances. The VAWZ team drove the three and a half hours down from Harare.


Surprisingly, the dogs were in better condition than we had feared – all except for one, little M.J., who wasn’t getting enough to eat and was painfully thin.


M.J. didn’t want to be caught. It took us some time to catch her, and when we did, all she wanted to do was bite us! – given the way she was being treated I don’t blame her.


Arriving back at Hararre at Chisipite Vets, just before closing time, we gently placed little M.J. on the surgery table, prepared for the worst, that she might have to be put to sleep. Not a bit of it – Dr Mhuri believed that this frail little body, with the amber- coloured eyes, should be given (against all odds) a chance to live.


The following morning, X-rays revealed that a break in her leg was old and had never been treated. She is believed to be about eight months old. Now dewormed, Frontlined, and receiving antibiotics for an infection, “M.J.” still has a long way to go, but we know she could not be in better hands.


M.J. is capturing people’s hearts. A wellwisher has sponsored all her medical bills, and she already has a loving home to go to when well!





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