Egypt: Mazloom’s amazing journey


By ESMA, Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (Reblogged from ESMA’s newsletter.)

In November 2011, a dog we later named Mazloom was found on the streets of Cairo with grave injuries to both back legs.  We thought we had seen it all, but this was one of the worst cases we treated, and no one could even imagine what might have happened to him.  Mazloom underwent a double amputation and a long recovery at the ESMA shelter.

Some called for him to be euthanized but we knew from our experience that he had a good chance for a healthy and fulfilling life with the right adopters.  A long time supporter of ESMA, Tanya Mahrous of Atlanta, Georgia, and her family saw him on our facebook page and decided to open their home to Mazloom as foster parents in spring 2012.

They created his own Facebook page that was constantly updated with photos and videos showing his amazing progress and personality. He caught the eye of Catherine MacDonald of Miami, Florida, and Mazloom recently settled into a happy life with his new family.  Mazloom has a better life than we ever dreamed was possible.

For a dose of happiness, watch these beautiful videos of Mazloom:

To read more good news about how ESMA is helping Egyptian animals, click here.

To visit ESMA’s website, click here.

 Photo: Courtesy of ESMA

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