INDIA: Chamki of Varanasi

Varanasi (formerly written in English as Benares) is one of the holiest cities in India.  The river Ganges passes through Varanasi, and pilgrims come from all over India to bathe in the waters.  Abha Singh, who started the animal welfare organization Aashray for Animals is working hard to make sure that the animals in Varanasi are not forgotten; after all they are sacred too.

She writes, “Besides running the ABC-AR (spay/neuter) program for dogs, we rescue puppies, dogs, monkeys, donkeys, and a lot of calves, cows, and bulls, many hit by speeding vehicles.”

“Here is Chamki with me. While driving down to my school, I saw a doe-eyed pup injured by the roadside. I reversed the car to get a closer look, and brought her to my home.

“The vet diagnosed the gangrene that was spreading fast. Following surgery, she needed constant care and medication. It took her three months to begin leading a normal life.  By that time my husband and I had fallen in love with her. She is part of my family now and hops around all over the house.”

To visit the website of Aashray for Animals, click here. (You may find some of the photos disturbing.)

Help Animals India provides support to Aashray for Animals and to many other animal welfare organizations in India.  To visit their website, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Aashray / Abha Singh and Chamki

2 thoughts on “INDIA: Chamki of Varanasi

  1. Thank you for caring for those who need help. It gives me hope for people!!!!!!!! Thank you and bless each of you.

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