India: Udaipur: Just ten exciting days old

Stampella and her mom

By Animal Aid Unlimited

Just 10 exciting days old, this baby girl donkey was named Stampella by our recent volunteer Deborah from Italy. Stampella’s mom was rescued weeks earlier after her foreleg had been crushed in an accident and was beyond repair. Amputating the crushed limb was her only chance. We didn’t know if she would be able to stand and walk after the amputation as amputations in equines are almost never performed, they are euthanised, but because of her small size and obvious will to survive, we took the chance and she has done remarkably well. She’s slow, but steady. She can stand up easily and with a few hops makes her way around wherever she wants to go. Mother and baby are naturally inseparable and Mom is tending to her wonderfully.

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Photos: Courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited

Stampella making volunteers and visitors happy.


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