India: Chennai: On-air fundraiser for Blue Cross this Friday evening

Radio host Disha Oberoi, on Live104.8FM, will be holding a fundraiser on air from 7 to 8 pm this Friday evening, July 13, 2012, for Blue Cross of India. If you’re in or near Chennai, be sure to tune in.  You can make a pledge of funds, and even specify how you’d like it spent – for food for the animals, vet care, ambulance services, or whichever way you’d like your donation to benefit the animals.

There will be lots of music and success stories about animals rescued, so it will be a fun event.  This is follows the recent highly successful adopt-a-thon, in which over 60 Blue Cross animals found their forever homes.  It’s the first hour-long on-air fundraiser for animals held by a Chennai radio station!

That’s 7-8 pm this Friday on Live 104.8 FM.

Photo: Courtesy of Blue Cross of India

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