India: Bangalore: Waffle


Waffle with her new person, Pavithra Ganashyam.

Waffle found her home with Pavitha Ganashyam at Let’s Live Together’s most recent puppy adoption camp in Bangalore.


Achala Paani, Founder Trustee – Let’s Live Together, writes


“Let’s Live Together is glad to announce that we are back with our monthly puppy adoption camps at Sankey Tank with a BANG !!


The 10th of June witnessed our 22nd puppy adoption camp at Sankey Tank which was met with a warm response. Eleven gorgeous Indian puppies bid farewell to their lives on the street and embraced their new families who couldn’t wait to give them the love and attention they deserved.


Pedigree as always has been our constant support, and we are extremely thankful to them for having provided gift bags to all the adopters. A dedicated bunch of volunteers played an important part in making sure the camp ran smoothly from early in the morning till late in the evening.


We hope to continue with our successful adoption camps by conducting similar adoption camps at Sankey Tank on the first Sunday of every month.”


Photo: Minu Ittina



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