Dentals for horses on the shores of the Red Sea

ESAF (The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends) has been helping the horses at Hourgada, a port on the Red Sea.

Responding to a request from Continental Rescue and Rehab, Dr. Mohammed Abd-ElHay and Dr. Mohamed Osama traveled to Hurghada on Saturday, May 12, to spend the next three days doing dentals for the horses, as well as treating cases of colic.

Horses’ teeth just keep growing throughout their lives, so they really need dentals to file them down, so the teeth are even, with no sharp spurs.

A good dental can give a horse a whole new lease on life. Continental Rescue and Rehab was delighted to see some of their rescued horses feeling a lot brighter and friskier.

During the tumultuous days of the past year in Cairo, when there have been few tourists to provide a livelihood for the Pyramids animals, whose job in normal times is to give rides to the tourists, ESAF ran an ongoing program of feeding and vet care for the Pyramids horses, camels, and donkeys, to tide them over until the tourists return.

Thanks to ESAF for taking such good care of Egyptian equines.

To visit the Facebook page of ESAF, click here. (Caution: Graphic photos.)

To visit the Facebook page of Continental Rescue and Rehab, click here. (Caution: Graphic photos.)

Photo: Courtesy of ESAF


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