Speak up for California Geese!

Young geese

California Senator John Burton in an op-ed piece in the April 10, 2012, L.A. Times describes the efforts taken by the fois gras industry to fight the enforcement of the California law banning foie gras.

Foie gras is a food product, considered a “delicacy” though there’s nothing delicate about it, made from the livers of geese. It’s production is extremely inhumane and causes great suffering to the geese.

The citizens of California passed a law in 2004 against this very cruel practice, and the law will begin to take effect in July 2012.  Senator John Burton wrote and promoted the bill. This law is very important and outlaws this kind of cruelty to geese by banning the sale and production of fois gras in California.

The law has already been passed, which is good!

The industry which profits from the inhumane treatment of geese is now opposing having the law take effect, despite the very long seven and a half year delay they were given.

You can read about the industry’s efforts to stop the law’s enforcement here.  (Caution: the details of fois gras production are graphic.)

You can send a letter supporting the article by Senator John Burton and the ban on fois gras to the Editor of the L.A. Times here.

Thanks to Karen Dawn for this news!  To visit the website of DawnWatch, an animal advocacy media watch, and sign up for alerts, click here

Photo: © Alexandr Vlassyuk | Dreamstime.com / Young geese.

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