Egypt: A New Zealand team lends a hand and ESAF celebrates 10 years!

The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends (ESAF) is hosting the Kiwi Care Team from New Zealand; fifteen vets, farriers, and equine dentists who are doing a terrific job, fixing up teeth, hooves, and patching up injuries for the Pyramids animals.

ESAF just held a big celebration to mark their tenth anniversary. Congratulations to them for all they’ve accomplished and for all their dedicated work for the animals!

Over the past year, throughout all the challenges of the Arab Spring, they’ve done a magnificent job overcoming hurdles to continue to provide food and vet care to the many horses, camels, and donkeys who generally give rides to tourists, but who’ve had a difficult few months because of the lack of tourists during these unsettled times. The equine owners have been thankful for all the help given to their animals.

Robert Blumberg, who had a hand in founding ESAF, offered a special tribute that closed with these words:

“There are many animals that neither you nor I will ever see but whose lives have been improved by ESAF’s actions. While there is still much to be done, have faith that you are doing the right things!”

Happy 10th Birthday ESAF!

For the Facebook page of the Kiwi Care Club, click here.

For the Facebook page of ESAF, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of ESAF / One of the Kiwi Care Team treating a pyramids horse brought by his owner