France: Much-needed help for Spanish greyhounds



Thanks to the outstanding work of C.R.E.L., this dog is now free to run and play in the snow.


C.R.E.L., a network of animal rescuers throughout France, has for several years been extending a very much-needed helping hand to the Spanish dogs called “galgos,” who are Spanish greyhounds.


The galgos (and “podencos,” a similar breed) are used for hunting in Spain. The hunters treat them with extreme cruelty and keep them only for the duration of the hunting season.


Kind people in Spain, many of whom run shelters, devote their time to saving the many thousands of galgos every year who need shelter, rehabilitation, and forever homes. These Spanish rescuers are dependent on animal people outside Spain for material support for their work, for transportation for the dogs, and for loving homes in other countries to adopt the dogs.


C.R.E.L. has been working for several years to provide much-needed assistance for these beautiful dogs so that they can recover and go on to live happy lives with their new families.


C.R.E.L.’s website is in several languages, including French, English, German, and Dutch. Click here. (Caution: the treatment of the galgos is extremely cruel, and the descriptions are graphic.)


To read C.R.E.L.’s newsletter, in French, click here.  


Photo: Courtesy of C.R.E.L. / A rescued galgo who can now run and play in the snow.


France: Adonis finds a new life

Adonis with his new mom

(You may notice a revision in this story – please see the note below.)

Adonis, when he first arrived, had been saved from a miserable life.  Barbara Lefranc, President of the Le Bulletin Des Levriers (Bulletin of Sight Hounds) expresses the words Adonis would speak if he could, “Yes, it’s me, the companion you are waiting for.  I’m doing well now. I’m going to gain weight and become handsome again.  I’ll forget my past and eagerly devote myself to my favorite interest in life, making sure that you love me.”

Adonis (on the right) at home

Adonis was adopted in February and has gone to his new home where he will always be loved.  Le Bulletin Des Levriers rescues dogs, especially greyhounds and other sight hounds, that are used in Spain for hunting. In partnership with Spanish rescue groups, they are saved from abusive situations, and are then brought to France where they are placed in loving, forever homes.

To visit the website (in French) of Le Bulletins Des Levriers, click here.

Adonis with Dad

Photos: Courtesy of Le Bulletin Des Levriers

Note:  This story and the photos are correct, but in the first version I had mistakenly used the name of a different dog.  Adonis is his real name!  (Kasper is a different rescued dog – he is okay too.) My apologies to Adonis, Kasper, and everyone. – Sharon St Joan

from France: MaKus

MaKus, with Cisco, and his dog friend, Antonio

“Ten months after having been rescued from a terrible situation near Seville, Spain, MaKus is being adopted!” writes Barbara LeFranc of “Le Bulletin des Levriers”*

*A “levrier” is a Spanish greyhound.

To visit the website of “Le Bulletin des Levriers”, in French, click here.