India: Pune, Maharastra: “Seeds of Compassion”

To bring out the bond that exists naturally between animals and children, Animal Equality India has been holding events in which children interact with all kinds of animals, including those that may be exploited for food, clothing, or as working animals.


Learning to appreciate chickens, rabbits, goats, pigeons, donkeys, dogs, and cats as real living beings opens the children’s eyes to an understanding that they have feelings just as humans do.  The children gave some of the animals names; the pigeon was named Bebo, and the rabbit Caramel, the calf Choco, and the donkey Starsky.


On May 22, 2012, “Seeds of Compassion” started with a group of just 30 children, but these are 30 children that, for the rest of their lives, will be open to seeing animals as fellow beings on this earth.


Photo: Courtesy of Kartik Rathod and Animal Equality India


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