Chennai, India: A well rescue, pitch black and 150 feet down

On his feet again
On his feet again

At around 11am, Dawn Williams, General Manager at Blue Cross of India, received a call from a woman telling him that her three year old son had dropped two puppies down an unused bore well.  She could hear the puppies crying.

A Blue Cross volunteer, Mr. Kumaravel, went along with Dawn to the spot where the well was.

They arrived at the well, which was about 150 feet deep, only six inches wide, and pitch black inside.  In the past, Dawn has bravely climbed down a number of wells to rescue trapped animals and carry them up to safety, but with the well being only six inches wide, that wasn’t an option.

They lowered a light to have a better look. It was then, sadly, that they realized that one of the puppies had already died.  For around three hours they focused on rescuing the puppy that was still alive, using what is called a “puppet rope method,” a way of tying the rope so it could be used to bring up the puppies.

Eventually, they were able to get both puppies, even though one could no longer be helped.

The second pup was in desperate shape.  Dawn was able to give him CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and the puppy began to revive and breathe on his own.

Meanwhile a crowd had gathered, and around 25 people were anxiously watching the progress of the rescue and were chanting prayers for the pup.

The puppy was rushed to Blue Cross, where he received excellent veterinary treatment, recovered rapidly, and is now doing really well.

Thanks to the determined rescue work of Dawn Williams and Mr. Kumaravel, a life was saved.

Dawn reports that tomorrow morning the puppy will be reunited with his mom, and steps will be taken to ensure that the mom and her puppy will be safe, loved, and well-cared for in the future.

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Photo: Blue Cross of India

India: Chennai: Puppy’s mom helps with rescue

Mom licks her rescued puppy

Midway through the morning, a man called Blue Cross about a puppy he said had fallen into a well.


Rushing to the scene, Dawn Williams, Resident Manager of Blue Cross, along with volunteers Mr. Mohit and Mr. Sushant, arrived at the field, to find that the caller didn’t seem to be there, and there was no way to reach the well to rescue the puppy.


The well was in the middle of a paddy field, but security guards wouldn’t allow them to go through the fence. Finally, a helpful by-stander, Mr. Nagaraj, took them aside and led them to a short cut to get into the paddy fields.  There they found, not one well, but four wells, about 500 meters (1500 feet) apart from each other.  Which one had the puppy fallen into?


Out of nowhere, a dog came up to them, whining, then running around their feet in circles. The dog, who was the mother dog, led Dawn and the volunteers straight to the right well, about one kilometer (.62 miles) from the road.  Peering over the edge, they could see the puppy down below.


With Mr. Mohit and Mr. Sushant holding ropes, Dawn bravely went down into the well to rescue the puppy, bringing her safely out.

Puppies with their new people


Both puppies have now found very happy homes. Ms. Janani Kamakshi adopted the puppy who fell into the well, and Ms. Revathi adopted the sibling.

The mother dog was rescued too and will be spayed as soon as her health is a bit better.


Blue Cross’s ABC-AR (spay/neuter, anti-rabies) program has been helping community dogs in Chennai for over sixty years, preventing the birth of many thousands of puppies that would have been homeless, and finding homes for rescued puppies.  Blue Cross helps animals of many species, including cows, cats, pigeons, and pigs.

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Photos: Courtesy of Blue Cross