Spay/neuter for the cats of southern Italy

During their most recent Spay Day in southern Italy, Lega Pro Animale  spayed/neutered 152 cats, 90 females and 62 males.

Dr. Dorothea Friz led the team of six vets in performing the surgeries.  Afterwards, the cats recovered in warm blankets.  Lega Pro Animale Spay Days have been helping cats in southern Italy for many years.

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TNR for Italy’s cats

A handsome cat - his ear will be tatooed too to show that he's been neutered.

Another Spay Day took place at Castel Volturno, in southern Italy on February 24, 2012, as part of World Spay Day. Dr. Dorothea Friz, Founder of Lega Pro Animale, reports that 57 care takers caught 159 cats (109 females and 50 males), and they were all spayed/neutered in one day. A few of the clever cats thought twice about entering the traps; as soon as they can be caught, surgery will be done for them too.

Lega Pro Animale has conducted a highly successful TNR program for cats in southern Italy since 1986, greatly improving the well-being of the cats there.

To visit the website of Lega Pro Animale, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Lega Pro Animale