India: A helping hand

Help Animals India offers much needed support to Indian animal welfare groups in Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Vanarsi, and a number of other cities and regions in India.


These groups care for community dogs and cats, offering ABC (spay/neuter) programs and rescue for animals in distress. They also extend help to cows, bulls, horses, tortoises, monkeys, and others.


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Photo: © Chrisp543/ / An Indian street dog sleeping by a doorway

India: Bangalore: Silky, the Miracle Puppy

By Achala Paani, Founder Trustee, Let’s Live Together

Dropped off one  gloomy afternoon at Lets Live Together’s office, she was just a two months old. It seemed like she was a house puppy abandoned only because she was a girl. Sadly, she was weak, could barely walk, and looked like she hadn’t been fed well for some time.

We found her a foster home that could take her in only for a couple of days.

Our vet found that she had a lung infection. This required twice daily vet visits for drips and injections.  The foster parent then said she could stay until she recovered, and Let’s Live Together was taking care of all the medical expenses.

A week went by, and we visited her foster home to check on our little baby. Her health had improved dramatically. She looked a lot better, energetic, active, and adorably playful. It was extremely comforting to see her recovering well.

After twelve days of continuous treatment all our prayers were answered. Our little darling had completely recovered and was now healthy and active. During the course of time we named her SILKY.

Now the time had come for her to move on and find a loving home. However, as fate would have it, Yogitha, the foster parent, found she had fallen in love with Silky. Though hesitant in the beginning, she had formed an unbreakable bond with Silky over the course of her treatment. Yogitha and her mom decided to adopt Silky. They came to our office to fill in the adoption form along with other formalities, and took Silky home forever.

Now Silky has started a whole new chapter in life with Yogitha and her family, who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Silky is another survivor who taught us that “miracles do happen!!”

Our little angel dropped by Lets Live Together’s office, for a visit, to tell us all about her Loving Forever Home.

Let’s Live Together is a registered animal protection organization for the welfare of homeless animals in Bangalore.

Let’s Live Together’s INITIATIVE, Project ‘life on the street,’ promotes the concept of people adopting homeless puppies instead of buying dogs. ADOPTION definitely helps in solving the street dog issue, sensibly. Let’s Live Together has puppies for adoption all the time looking for permanent homes. People willing to adopt can contact Let’s Live Together at or call 9986413916.

Photos: Achala Paani