The EU bans the sale of animal-tested cosmetics



In a March 11, 2013 article the BBC reported that the EU has banned the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics. The ban was announced on Monday.


The 27 countries of the EU, in 2009, banned the testing on animals of cosmetics in their countries.  This ban goes further, and prohibits the sale in Europe of cosmetics tested on animals in other countries.


Products already being sold will not be affected.  All new cosmetic products, however, will not be able to be sold in the EU, if they have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.


Groups like BUAV in the UK, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), and Humane Society International (HSI), as well as others, have campaigned for many years to bring about this ban.


This is a significant step on the path to eliminating all animal testing.  It reflects and reinforces the view of many that all animal testing is inhumane and should be stopped.


To read the original article in the BBC online edition, click here  


Photo: © Creativenature1 | / A mouse in the woods.