U.S: New Mexico: Santa Fe: Kindred Spirit’s Benefit Art show, August 11


Linda St. Claire’s exquisite brush strokes reveal the soul of the animal. Known throughout the U.S. and worldwide, she is among the artists who are generously donating their artwork to the Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary Benefit Art Show, to be held August 11, 2012.

This ethereal, angelic dove was created by Barbara Harnack, whose artwork has an otherworldly touch, especially the faces. Raku is a special technique of firing ceramics, originally discovered in the sixteenth century by a Korean potter.

“Oheke” means “bashful” in the Hawaiian language; Alexis Higginbotham learned the meaning from her Hawaiian mother.  This lovely fish exemplifies the sensitivity of her artwork.


To view these and many more enchanting works of art – and to meet the charming residents of Kindred Spirits, a very gentle and light-filled sanctuary that provides elder and hospice care for dogs, horses, and poultry – please attend their Benefit Art Show on August 11.


Benefit Art Show

August 11, 2012,

10 am – 4 pm,

Located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe,

On Highway 14,

one half mile south of the Lone Butte General Store,




Two Rabbits

The rabbits’ person, Renee, twelve years old, requested paintings of both her rabbits.  Lia Redegeld has painted the two delightful rabbits; Snuffie – top painting and Bruintje, second painting. To visit her website (in Dutch) and see more of her paintings, click here.

Spirit raven

Spirit raven

To see more of Carolyn Doe’s beautiful watercolors – originals, prints, and greeting cards – of animals and landscapes, click here.

There is also on her website artwork that is batik on silk; this is not yet ahimsa silk, but Carolyn is looking into using ahimsa silk for her artwork in the future, so if you check back later, we’re sure you’ll find stunning new artwork that is batik on ahimsa silk!

Painting of Pip


A painting by Lia Redegeld of their cat Pip about ten days after they picked her up     from the shelter.  To see more of Lia Redegeld’s paintings, click here. The website is in Dutch, but the paintings are charming and universal.

A bird on a log

This lovely watercolor of a Red-breasted Nuthatch was done by Arline Wagner.  Nuthatches are found all over the U.S. and they have a unique ability to climb down the trunks of trees, searching for insects as they go, making a sound a bit like a tiny tin horn.


To see more beautiful paintings by Arline Wagner and a larger view of this one, click here.





Vriksha – A saga of trees


The concept of "Vriksha - the Saga of trees"

“Vriksha” means “tree.”  S. Shankar’s remarkable paintings invite us to see trees and all of the environment as living, sentient beings to be valued and protected.


S. Shankar lives in Kolkata, India. Recently the C. P. Art Centre, in Chennai, held an exhibit of his paintings, “Vriksha – a Saga of trees.”


To view more of S. Shankar’s work, click here.


To view the website of the C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, home of the C.P. Art Centre, click here.


Photos of his paintings: Courtesy of S. Shankar

“Tawny Owl”

Tawny Owl

“I’m inspired by nature, and very much by nature that lives so close, as does this Tawny Owl, only yards from my studio. For me she represents freedom, with all that brings to her as a wild creature.” Rob Parkin

To see more of the artwork of Rob Parkin, click here.