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IKEA LOSES FORESTRY STEWARDSHIP CERTIFICATE FOR FELLING PROTECTED WOODLAND IN RUSSIA – The Forest Stewardship Council slams Swedish furniture giant, after learning the furniture chain has been felling 600-year-old trees from protected woodlands. Their investigation reveals IKEA’s wood harvest is not sustainable.


International group of researchers report that the smell of forest pine could prove an important link in the battle against climate change. Chemical aerosols created by the world’s pine forests react with oxygen to create low volatility vapors that in turn create cloud droplets and have a cooling effect on the environment. Read further about these 2 stories.




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Barn swallows and light, help new study

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a barn swallow video from the USA.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

NestWatchers Needed For New Barn Swallow Study

We live in an incredibly well-lit world. All that wattage in heavily-populated areas creates a halo glow that brightens the night sky. Researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Syracuse University, and Globe at Night are seeking participants for a unique new study. Scientists want to know what impact all that extra night light might have on the circadian rhythms of life using Barn Swallows as their subjects. Barn Swallows have adapted to live near humans and nest almost exclusively on structures such as bridges, homes, and yes, barns. Volunteers can sign up through NestWatch.

“Specifically, we’re hoping to learn if the artificial light has an effect—good or bad—on what we call the ‘pace of life,’” says Cornell Lab of Ornithology researcher…

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Dr. Cats Knoke: The Feral Cat Herder~

Jim speaks CAT big time. Cats are naturally attracted to him. They must know how much he likes them. For some people, herding feral cats might be problematic, not Jim, and the old city of San Juan is loaded with feral cats.

Check out Jim herding San Juan’s feral cats! There was no food of any sort involved here. Just Jim, AKA, Dr. Cats Knoke~~

He meows at them and they come running, even the wild Fishing Cat at The San Diego Zoo does this.
Sweethearts aren’t they?

Jim’s pretty sweet too, at least the cats, and I think so.

Before you become profoundly depressed at the prospect of all these cats without homes, take heart. You know I couldn’t leave you (or Jim for that matter) hanging. I had to find out. What is the story about all of these homeless kitty-cats? They are being cared for by a…

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India: Tamil Nadu: Madurai: Free skies for Meenakshi’s Parrots

Echoes in the Mist

Rose-ringed_Parakeets_(Male_&_Female) : Wikipedia Commons

The Meenakshi Temple at Madurai, in southern India, is one of the largest temples in the world.  It is dedicated to the Goddess Meenakshi, a form of Parvati, who is the wife of Shiva. Her vahana, or symbol, is the parrot, and she is depicted holding a parrot on her finger.

The species of parrot she holds is the Indian Ring-necked Parakeet or Rose-ringed Parakeet, which is native to India.

In an online article from September 19, 2005, attributed to Mike Schindlinger, entitled “Free Sky for Meenakshi Temple Parrots,” it was reported that the temple birds were being freed, and in the future only one pair of parrots would be kept in the temple.

According to P. Bhaskaran, Executive Officer of the Temple, the birds were being freed in response to requests from animal welfare organizations like Blue Cross of India. Similar requests had been lodged by the Tamil Nadu…

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