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A boy with one of the Pyramids horses.


In June, ESAF conducted 7 separate mobile clinics at the pyramids area – providing shots for internal and external parasites and treating all kinds of common injuries and diseases for the working horses and camels. The clinics also provided feeding for the most urgent cases.

One of the vets feeding a carriage horse.

The animal owners have always been so grateful to see us back in the area, especially the camel owners who have nobody else to rely on. Now they can’t feel they are left alone in the middle of the crisis, and there is someone to take care of them and their animals.

Camels having dinner.

This month some of our vets experienced the work at the Pyramids area for the first time. Some volunteers and trainee vets also enjoyed being part of such an inspiring experience, and, of course, owners volunteered to work as vet assistants at times, grateful for the help and the awareness tips they were given.

A horse is given a shot.

ESAF has always been committed to the working animals at the Pyramids, and we are doing our best to continue the long term project for the area.

A young boy with one of his family’s camels.

Total number of animals treated in June:  72 Horses and 35 Camels.

A horse gets a shot.

Total number of animals fed in June:  40 Horses and 17 Camels.

Also a big thank you to Aida at Digla Animal Rescue for her donation of the nose bands for the working animals.  These soft nosebands replace the uncomfortable wires previously in use.

Very special thanks to all our donors and to ESAF vets Dr. Moh A Al Hay, Dr. Moh Ossama, Dr. Marwa Rabah and Dr. Moh Gomaily for their hard work and dedication to helping the Pyramids camels and horses.

Photos: Courtesy of ESAF

An earlier rally against circuses’ abuse of elephants.

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network), one of the most active animal rights groups in Ireland, will lead a lively, peaceful march and rally along Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

If you live anywhere in Ireland please plan to attend; your dogs, children, and friends are welcome.

“Take a special moment now to watch our short, beautiful, inspiring rally promo video that we’ve just released – there’s no cruel images, just 100% beautiful music and footage from previous ARAN rallies with a special message, enjoy. Click here.”

To visit ARAN’s Facebook page, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of ARAN